Sibling Rivalry

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Comp 101
3 October 2013
Sibling Rivalries
As people grow up, competition starts to become apparent. With competition comes many other problems, some of which include rivalries. Rivalries are defined as a state of competition or antagonism. Sometimes groups of people, or even family members, will become overly competitive and create these rivalries. Some of the worst types are those within siblings. Sibling rivalry is often a major problem in households, especially between children close in age.

There are several causes to sibling rivalries. Most of them come down to just plain competitiveness, but more specifically, factors like sports, school, and even popularity. Sports can cause a big fight. Usually, both siblings want to be the best athlete which causes competition, which could then lead to rivalries. Sports are all about who’s the best. The person with the most touchdowns in football, the basketball player with the most rebounds, the volleyball player with the most kills-- all of these things makes a person stand out more in not only the school but the community and possibly even to colleges. Every athletes dream is to make it big one day or to at least make it to a college team, but whenever an individual has a sibling trying to always “one- up” them, it makes it more difficult. Twins, Lindsay and Lauren, say that they feel as if they can no longer just worry about their self when playing sports together. Lindsay says that she feels obligated to help Lauren out and to try to make her a better player while competing with her to be the best. She then states that this is a hard challenge that causes many arguments and fights. School is the same way. Siblings try to help your each other out, while at the same time, trying to make themself the best. They want to get better grades on tests and homework, so they have better grades overall. Popularity is a big factor as well. Most people want to be the most popular person in school. With popularity...
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