Sibling and Older Brother

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A Term Paper in Philippine Literature

A Compilation of Philippine Prose and Poetry

Submitted by: Deramas, Jerome John E.
Submitted to: Prof. Violeta Cano
2nd Sem., 2nd Year

The Tree from Which I Fell
By Daniel Prior 

I didn’t want to know the truth of it. I just wanted those moments that we cherish; I wanted to make them last. I wanted her to say that she was coming back home to me. I had to hear her say that it was all fine. That she just needed some time. I wanted to stay in the tree and never come down. But she wasn’t wearing her ring.

I was pushed out the tree.
I kicked open my door.
My knees buckled and I fell to the dirt.
It was an empty road and a starless night.
I cried and howled.
I had lost her.
Reality was all that was left to me.
I had hit the ground.

It is about a couple, about how they have gone separate ways because she’s dying, and losing it, her life, hope, and love.

There are some situations in which we did not have a chance of winning, but there are also some situations that are worth fighting for, even if we lose.

Listen to the Lyrics... By Corey Corum
Listen to the Lyrics as they lead you into Temptation...
Listen to the Lyrics as they bring you no Salvation
Listen to the Lyrics to show you how you're growing weak
Listen to the Lyrics to close your vision and stare at your feet Listen to the Lyrics that remind you of the girl
Listen to the Lyrics that tell you she was your world
Listen to the Lyrics because they remind you of her it seems Listen to the Lyrics because everything isn't just a dream
Listen to the Lyrics to know that it really happened
Listen to the Lyrics to know without her your hearts flattened Listen to the Lyrics and turn of the treble and the bass
Listen to the Lyrics and let them remind you of her beautiful face Listen to the Lyrics that bind you into chains
Listen to the Lyrics that warm the blood that runs through your veins Listen to the Lyrics as they warm the tempo of the heart
Listen to the Lyrics as memories never let you apart
Listen to the Lyrics the way you would her words
Listen to the Lyrics the way she treated you, so absurd
Listen to the Lyrics whether a piano, guitar, what does it matter Listen to the Lyrics whether it instruments it can make your heart shatter Listen to the Lyrics as you make unintended sins
Listen to the Lyrics as this vast poem becomes to an end 
In every lyric, in every word in lyrics there is a meaning, a literal meaning to mention something we cannot say or a feeling that we cannot express. That only pours out of us through a couple of words or more especially in lyrics.

My Heart Sings… By Joe Fazio 
In the song of life, all lyrics need a melody.

You are the lyric and you are the melody.
You are the lyric of my heart and of my soul.

The beauty of the rose, speaks a lyric of love.
Love, speaks a lyric of you.

The silent lyric of goodness, echoes from within you.
My heart, speaks the lyric of only you.

Let the words...the lyric...that bind, pass between us.
Let the lyric, of you...of as one.

A million words I can speak of you and the lyrics
would be the same...I love you now. I always will

In some way we speak through lyrics, express every word, and pour our feelings in the melody. The reason why we love music, especially when it reminds us of someone we love.

by: Pedro Calderón de la Barca (1600-1681)
 DREAM it was in which I found myself.
And you that hail me now, then hailed me king,
In a brave palace that was all my own,
Within, and all without it, mine; until,
Drunk with excess of majesty and pride,
Methought I towered so big and swelled so wide
That of myself I burst the glittering bubble
Which my ambition had about me blown
And all again was darkness. Such a dream
As this, in which I may be walking now,
Dispensing solemn...
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