Siam Canadian Foods

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Investment, Foreign direct investment Pages: 3 (1195 words) Published: November 6, 2008
1. Siam Canadian Foods, founded and managed by Jim Gulkin, is a Bangkok-based Canadian-owned company that has been involved in the seafood brokerage business for almost 10 years. Now, (in 1996), as an enthusiastic and highly-motivated entrepreneur, the managing director of the company, Gulkin, saw an emerging opportunity in Burma. Burma, a country in South Asia, a region well-known by Gulkin, has many attractive qualities that could lead to a potential success for the company. Fist of all, Burma is the largest mainland country in the region, with the population of 47 million. This could entail more opportunities emerging for entrepreneurs both inside and outside of the country. The country had also bordered Gulkin’s established business location, Thailand. This particular fact would make the control of the operational activities from the Bangkok headquarter easier to manage. To add to the attractiveness of Burma as an investment opportunity for Gulkin, it is worth mentioning that economic indicators of the country seem very promising. For instance, the total exports in the country have increased from $577 million to $801million in just 4 years, which is an increase of 38.8% (1991—1994). Just looking at these numbers one can conclude that more and more foreign countries are increasing their trade relationships with Burma. Besides, Burma has a fishing zone that extends to 468, 0000 square km, making it more attractive to invest in the seafood industry. Since Gulkin’s main source of revenue is higher commissions from the seafood distributing business, and given the fact that it had plenty of seafood resources available, Siam could extend its business activities to this country. As stated in the case, throughout its 10 years of operations in South Asia, Siam Foods Company had always strived for adopting a diversification strategy in terms of supply sources and product line offerings. Thus, it might be one of the reasons that despite the fact that the company...
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