Shylock and Jessica

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Task 1
Title: Analysing the Brief
Assessment Criteria:

Worth 1.8 % of your final GCSE grade.

See page 128-129 in Edexcel DT: RMT textbook

Students will be assessed on their ability to:

Analyse their design brief in enough detail to be able to clarify design needs. This will involve analysis of key words and phrases that help in understanding the issues related to the chosen/given design task.

IMPORTANT : one you have decided on a context to work in with your teacher DO NOT CHANGE IT!! Tasks
Suggested tasks for your DT GCSE coursework are products are:

1. Storage, eg

• A small lockable box/container for holding personal objects such as jewellery or other valuable items.
• A bathroom cabinet with storage for cosmetics and medicines.

2. Lighting, eg

• An adjustable lamp for use when doing homework.
• A nightlight for young children who are afraid of the dark.

3. Furniture, eg

• A novelty seating unit for use in children’s nurseries. • An occasional table suitable for use in waiting rooms.

4. Leisure eg

• An educational toy to help with counting and shape recognition. • A mobile cart/buggy that can carry other toys from place to place.

5. Outdoors, eg

• A grabbing device for picking up small pieces of garden debris. • A trolley to transport heavy objects around the garden.

Remember you will to have work on this project for 10 months so make sure it interests you. You will need to find a client, so you will not be able to design something for yourself. However you could chose a context and then approach a person to be your client to see if you could design if for them. You will need a client to evaluate your ideas and test the product at the end.

You will need to come up with several problems/ contexts which relate to the tasks above, which you will discuss with your teacher. They should be laid out in the manner below. The more problems you come up with the better, as you are trying to find the best one. 3 as a minimum.

Your project must be small in scale.

Write up your 3 problems/context and print on A4 to discuss with your teacher. Later when the problem/ context is agreed it will be transferred to A3. Lay out the problem/ context and need in the manner described below:

1st part

Title: Context

You need is this section to state the problem/context you will work you have decided on and what the need is, for example:

A Context/ Problem:
I have noticed that my sister who is 2 years old likes to sit at the dining table with the rest of the family when we are eating. However my parents have started to find it difficult to put her in her high chair as she has become too big but is still too small to sit in a normal dining chair.

Therefore the need is:
There is a need for a toddler seating system that can be used at the dining table.

A simple starting point for stating the problem is:

WHO does the problem effect? (This will go on to be your User Group normally) WHAT happens as a result of the problem?
WHEN is the problem caused?
WHERE does the problem occur?
WHY does it cause a problem?

When your context/ problem is agreed DO NOT CHANGE IT! As you may simplify your project which means you will lose marks.

2nd Part

Now you will need to complete research to back up what you have discovered to see if need is viable as a project by doing the following:

Photographs of the context/ Problem* (these should be included next to your written statement of the context/ problem)

*if you have come up with the problem based on an existing product which does not do the job that well, show a picture and explain what is wrong with the product. DO NOT use more than two examples as you will do more ‘Product Analysis’ in your Research section. Perhaps show a picture of the person having a problem like you have stated.

Title: Interview with User Group (this will be your client)

First explain who they are (their name, age, etc) and any...
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