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Position Paper Guideline
Position papers for all committees should:

      

be one page in length, single spaced (for all committees except Press Corps; see Special Instructions for Press Corps below) have one-inch margins use size 12 Times New Roman font be in black print only have the Committee Name, Topic Area, Country Name, School Name, and Delegate Name(s) headings in the upper left corner of the page appear untitled include citations (not considered to be part of the one page paper length)

Citations may be done in any style (e.g. MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.), as long as they are consistent throughout the paper.

With regards to content, delegates have considerable freedom. Most Position Papers are organized in a fashion similar to that outlined below:

  

Part 1 - Background of the topic with relation to the Member State (i.e. what is the Member State's outlook on or history with the problem) Part 2 - Official position of the Member State (i.e. what has the Member State done in the past with regards to this problem, both domestically and internationally) Part 3 - Solutions to the problem that are amenable to the Member State

Special Instructions for Press Corps

In lieu of the traditional position paper as outlined above, Press Corps delegates must submit:

one 300-500-word article for each of the sections of the newspaper: Economic, Social and Political (so three total). The articles should be written from the perspective of the delegate's news agency and can be on any topic of international interest. Sample articles for each section are posted on

Stylistic Suggestions

As a stylistic suggestion, refer to what your country hopes to achieve and not you, the delegate. For instance: "Her Majesty's Government desires...," "The people of Bolivia would like to see...," or "The Kingdom of Spain believes...,"

would be appropriate instead of: "I want...," "we feel..."

Tips for Research

Stage I - Familiarize Yourself With Your Country


The best place to find general information regarding the country you will be representing at MUNUC is the CIA World Factbook managed by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Free access to the World Factbook can be found at .


Another excellent source of general information on a specific country is the Background Notes published by the U.S. Department of State. The notes are accessible on the World Wide Web athttp://www.state.giv/r/pa/ei/bgn.

o 

To find the permanent mission of your country to the United Nations in New York, go to

Stage II - Understand Your Committee


Before diving into your committee topics, it is a good idea to understand exactly what your committee can and cannot do. For instance, only the Security Council can muster military force to resolve a threat to international peace and security. While you may wish to take a particular action, your committee may not be authorized to do so. However, new and inventive solutions are welcomed by MUNUC staff. Many of the organizations and committees simulated at MUNUC XXV have their own websites. Be sure to have a look at them.

Stage III - Researching the Topic Areas


Once you are familiar with your country and committee, read the background guides to begin your research. Written by the Chair of your committ ee, these guides will provide a basic presentation of the central problems and several paths towards their resolution. Of course, the ultimate solution remai ns up to you and your fellow delegates to decide.


The footnotes used by your Chair in the background papers are a great starting point for your research. The bibliography may also serve as an excellent starting place for further research.

All UN Resolutions for the General Assembly and Security Council are available online at...
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