Topics: Guillotine, French Revolution, Maximilien Robespierre Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: February 28, 2013
The French Revolution was supposed to save the Third Estate from the oppression of the other two estates, but it became a time of great terror. The Third Estate was paying taxes while they could not even afford bread; as the first and second estates were paying little to no taxes. But National Assembly took it too far; they were killing people for no reason. They had police disguised as normal people looking for anyone who talked even about the bread price, and had them executed. The guillotine was used much too often during the French Revolution. Maximilien de Robespierre also called “The Incorruptible” was one of the biggest leaders of the French Revolution. When he was in college he had greeted Louis XVI in Latin. But later was the one who sentenced Louis XVI to death. But once he had sent the king to death he had changed.When it began he was always against the death penalty. But as the revolution went on and as they started to win the fight, he had relied on the guillotine and had become obsessed with using it. He was the reason why the French revolution had become a monster. He had started to kill someone just for talking about something in a bad tone, or for just saying the bread prices were to high. He was so paranoid of traitors that he could not stop adding people to his lists.  His lists of traitors had become so feared that he was arrested before he was able to give out his last list because everyone was so scared that they would be on it.  

The French Revolution was the most important revolution in the west,but was taken way too far. Robespierre had become a monster and was not able to stop. Before he was taken to the guillotine he tried to commit suicide, but only ended up breaking his jaw, and in the end Robespierre was killed by the same weapon that he had sentenced thousands people to.
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