SHurd PA 260 Unit 3 Assignment Petit murders

Topics: Capital punishment, Murder, Capital punishment in the United States Pages: 3 (406 words) Published: April 17, 2015

The crimes of Komisarjevsky and Hayes are as follow; Capitol Murder, Sexual Assault, and Arson Murder.
According to Conn. Gen. Stat.§ 53a – 54b (6-8) will be explained throughout the reading. (53a -54b (6)) is capital murder is committing murder in the commission of sexual assault in the first degree; (53a – 54b (7)) explains murdering 2 or more people in one occurrence; and (53a -54b (8)) explains murdering a minor under the age of 16 year of age. Per (53a – 54d) Arson murder is acting alone or with another person causing death by fire. Sexual assault according to Conn. Gen. Stat. § 53a – 70 explains a person is guilty of sexual assault in the 1st degree, when such person uses force against their victim. (CHAPTER 952* Penal Codes: Offenses, 2001)

Komisarjevsky and Hayes already had criminal backgrounds before they planned and executed their crimes against the Petit family. However, this compounded all their charges into 36 counts of capital murder and 2 counts of sexual assault, which one of those counts was against a minor, being Michaela. Then 3 counts of arson murder, Komisarjevsky and Hayes had set 2 females on fire, with 2 of the them still alive at the commission of the fire being started.

Komisarjevsky and Hayes are both serving life sentences as they sit on death row for the vicious murders of 3 innocent lives, The Petit woman, Jennifer Petit, Hayley, and her sister Michaela Petit. Komisarjevsky was convicted 17 of 17 charges, including 6 capital felonies, sexual assault, murder, kidnapping and arson. Hayes was convicted on 16 counts of capital felony, sentenced to death on 6 counts. His charges were capital felony, murder, and sexual assault. There was no reason to charge either gentlemen with any inchoate crimes such as attempted manslaughter, since the crimes toward the Petit woman took precedence over the crimes against Dr. Petit. The crimes against the woman were far more sever then what they had done to Dr. Petit, and this wasn’t...

References: CHAPTER 952* Penal Codes: Offenses. (2001, January 1). Retrieved from General Statutes of Connecticut:
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