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The Message of Deep River

I read the book called “Deep River,” which is written by Shusaku Endo, first published by Tuttle Pubishing in Great Britain, 1994. The book is translated by Van C. Gessel and is published in Boston, Rutland, Vermont, and Tokyo now. I chose this book to read because I was curious knowing more about the value of religion and spiritual ideas which I have not noticed closely before in reading. The theme of this book is the interaction between Chritianity and Japanese people, and I was sure I would learn new ideas out from it. Although it was originally written in Japanese, I thought reading in English would be interesting as long as it would give me an opportunity to better understand the delicate content of this story including religious thoughts without having fixed ideas from Japanese words. The one I was suggested to read, “Griftopia,” was about political journalist investigating financial crisis, but since I had no basic knowledge of economics and historical background of America, I predicted I would not be able to finish this book to understand the content thoroughly unless taking more time than provided days, researching on my lack of social, political, and financial knowledge as well as making my English level of reading comprehension suitable enough.

“Deep River” mainly focuses on each character’s background from their individual point of views, including the reasons why they decided to visit India. Strictly speaking, three characters among them, Isobe, Otsu, and Mitsuko take roles as main characters. Isobe’s position seemed to be the viewer of this story, and he visits India in order to find his lost wife, who told him to find her after she died. At first he did not believe in spiritual ideas such as reincarnation, but he later finds a girl who possessed his wife’s memory partly and realized the possibility of god. In Otsu’s case, he tried to become a priest at first but his idea toward God did not match with the European...
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