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Strategic Human Resource Management Plan - Reboult

Name: Bin Hong 3866743
Mikhail Adhisetya 3879732
Ziqiang Chen 3863735
Class: BMO 5572 Strategic Human Resource Management
Tutor: Dr. David Fan
Due date: 05/10/2011

This report analyses human resources issues and strategic plans regarding the relationship between Reboult, a fictitious French company, and Nissan, a Japanese company. Additionally, Reboult’s planned target market is Thailand. The report highlights the background of Reboult and challenges which they encounter in the automotive industry. Furthermore, it elaborates on the expanding strategic plans of the company to overcome these challenges. The plans include a merger strategy with Nissan and another strategy to enter Thailand’s market. A merger strategy with Nissan, especially in the technology sector, has some human resource issues, which need to be resolved, as well as some strategic planning issues. In order to enter Thailand’s market, Reboult needs to focus on company structure in the destination market and systems, in order to achieve a sustainable position in the target market. The report concludes that the operation with Nissan has advantages in the technology sector, can minimize cost and enhance the performance in the car industry. In addition, affiliation in Thailand depends on the company strategy to create the company structure, and completes systems to improve the performance.

2.1 Market challenge2
2.2 Expanding strategic plan3
3.1 Human Resource Management Issues5
3.2 Strategic Plans6
4.1 Structure8
4.1.1 Top management9
4.1.2 Department Heads9
4.1.3 Supervisors10
4.1.4 Operation employees10
4.2 Training System10
4.3 Rewards and Performance Management11
4.4 Workers’ Union System11

With the second industrial revolution completed, science and technology have developed rapidly. New technologies and new inventions are applied to industrial production so to greatly promote economic development. The vehicle industry begun with this background, and developed over 100 years. As production and capital globalised, in the twenty-first century there are more and more car manufacturers in the world and most car manufacturers come from developed countries. Globalisation has led to the increasingly fierce competition between car industries, from external to internal. These competitive factors include price of product, material, market share, talent, technology and organisational management. The automotive industry is one of France’s economic pillars, and has 13 automobile manufacturers, including two local businesses: Peugeot – Citroen and Renault, and Volkswagen, Ford, Fiat, Toyota, BMW, Nissan and other foreign manufacturers. French domestic vehicle manufacturers occupy the dominant position in the car industry. However, in recent years, as global financial crisis hit, the world automobile industry is facing unprecedented severe shock, from the North American auto giants General Motors, Ford and Chrysler trend to the brink of bankruptcy, to the Asian automotive leader Toyota Motor appear first loss in 71 years. For French car manufacturers like Reboult, how to avoid the same outcomes like the North American auto giants and the Asian automotive leader is a significant issue. The purpose of this report is to discuss the Reboult’s strategic plan which is a merger and acquisition, in order to expand the business in the Thai market, and what human resource problems will be faced and any given solutions. Firstly, it will give some information about Reboult, like background, market challenges and the expanding strategic plan; then based on merger and...
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