Shrek Parody

Topics: Shrek, Shrek the Third, Princess Fiona, Lord Farquaad, Shrek 2, Fairy tale / Pages: 3 (601 words) / Published: Feb 2nd, 2016
2) Shrek is an ogre whose normal world consisted of brushing his teeth big green teeth with slug juice, and eating human eyeballs as a snack. The swamp was his home and he wanted no one to bother him so he kept signs saying ‘keep out’ which indicated that he liked to be alone. One day many fairy tale creatures invade his swamp because of Lord Farquaad. Shrek is forced to visit Lord Farquaad along with a donkey to ask for his swamp back, instead of Lord Farquaad simply giving the property back a quest was given to Shrek. The quest was for Shrek to go rescue princess Fiona in order for Shrek to get his property back.
3) The donkey is Shrek’s helper and becomes known right away. Shrek and donkeys relationship started of rocky. Donkey had no friends and it became apparent why he did not. Donkey started insulting Shrek’s breath, his home, and his clothes. Shrek was accompanied by Donkey anyway on his quest to save the princess.
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Donkey was very scared to go across the bridge because of how old it was and eventually one of the boards break and scares Donkey to death.. 5) After crossing the bridge they have to face the dragon to get to the princess. The dragon ended up falling in love with donkey. As the dragon went to kiss donkey she accidently kissed Shrek’s butt and the dragon got mad, as soon as she was going to attack something fell and trapped her. As soon as Shrek had the chance he took Princess Fiona and Donkey and ran away. Shrek accomplished this test he had to undergo in order to save himself, Donkey and the Princess.
6) After rescuing the Princess, Shrek now has two loyal helpers. His two helpers Donkey and Princess Fiona are very helpful to Shrek. Later on in the story robbers approach the Princess, Shrek, and Donkey. Fiona defends her companions by beating up the robbers and Robin

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