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Shrek: CCRF Violations

By BigMomma14 Oct 20, 2013 553 Words
The CCRF is probably at the back of your mind whilst watching Shrek, but if one were to look deeper than the childish humour and the silly retorts, than one will find obvious and blatant violations of the CCRF. However, I don’t believe that the creators were making this movie to show examples of violations of the CCRF, but rather to generate large sums of money, but thats beside the point. In Shrek, there are numerous examples of violations of the CCRF carried out by the film’s antagonist, the ‘Short’ tempered Lord Farquaad. While Shrek is at its core, a children’s film, there are a number of prime examples of violations of the CCRF which deserve to be unearthed from beneath the mound of clichés and mind-numbing satire.

If one were to draw a case against Lord Farquaad for his violations against the CCRF, than the prosecutor would have an overwhelming amount of evidence to draw upon against Lord Farquaad, here are just a few. First of all, the foremost example of Lord Farquaad’s violations is when he offers a reward for the capture/turning in of fairy tale creatures. This violates Sections7-14 (Legal Rights) of the CCRF, as Lord Farquaad has taken away their right of Freedom. Furthermore, when Lord Farquaad evicts the fairy tale creatures from their home and relocates them onto Shrek’s property, he violates Section 6 (Mobility Rights) of the CCRF, as he takes away their right to live freely in the land. In addition, the Lord violates Section 16 (Equality Rights) of the CCRF, because of his discrimination against the fairy tale creatures; he wants to have a perfect race live in Duloc (a rather dark parallel can be drawn from Lord Farquaad’s wish for a perfect race to inhabit Duloc and Adolf Hitler’s desire to create a perfect race to inhabit his new Third Reich, The Aryan race, that however is another story entirely). Moreover, Lord Farquaad violates a very important section of the CCRF when he tries to have Shrek killed in his tournament, Sections 7-14 (Legal Rights), as Shrek has a right to live and the Lord tries to take this right away. Also, the Lord violates two sections of the CCRF at the same time, Section 24 (Enforcement) and Sections 3-5 (Democratic Rights), the Lord has elected himself as the ruler of Duloc and is essentially a dictator, he hasn’t given the people of Duloc any democratic rights, however these are all assumptions, as we have not been given any history about Duloc and whether or not it is a monarchy. Nevertheless, Lord Farquaad rules over the people of Duloc like a dictator (like a sort of children’s tale Mussolini, however far from the same extent) because of the lack of given rights to the people of Duloc and as a Tyrant to the fairy tale creatures living in the land, because of his persecution and discrimination against them.

Ultimately, Lord Farquaad carried out many heinous violations against the CCRF and deserves to be brought to justice for his crimes against the people of Duloc and the fairy tale creatures that populate the land. In the end, Lord Farquaad was a tyrant and a dictator and he ended up falling ‘short’ of his goals…

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