Shrek 2: Movie Review

Topics: Shrek, Eddie Murphy Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: May 2, 2005
Film Response

It's always hard to pick a single favorite movie, because there are so many good ones. If I had to pick a favorite it would be a toss up between Gladiator, and Old School. I have a hard time choosing between comedy, and action. I would have to say that Gigli staring Ben Affleck, and J-lo is the least favorite movie of mine. In my opinion Gigli had a bad plot, bad acting, and was to long. I recently have seen the Client which was writer by John Grissim. The Client was originally a book, and like a lot of his work was great. The Client had a great plot, and incredible acting. It's easy to say I'm a movie buff I love to rent movies and go to the theater as much as possible. I recently stop renting movies, because the late fees were killing me, so my thing now is to just by the new releases I like. It just makes sense if you consistently have late fees it is cheaper to just buy the movie.

My latest film experience was Shrek 2. Shrek 2 is a new release animation film. This is a great flick using the new state of the art animation. Shrek is not just a kid's movie, but adults also find it funny. The movie is about an ogre named Shrek, who lives in a swamp. Shrek spent his whole life living in sham, because he was an ogre, and all the other creatures, and people felt threatened by him. Shrek meets a donkey played by Eddy Murphy, and they become friends. Later in the movie Shrek meets a beautiful princess named Fionia. Shrek, and Fionia fall in love, and go to ask for her father the king for his blessing in marriage. Instead they run into several problems the king does not approve of the marriage, and tries every thing in his power to separate them. The king opposed their marriage, because a princess can not marry an ogre, and live happily ever after... Shrek and Fionia are ugly green ogres who are constantly mistreated for their looks and race, but over come all the stereo types. Shrek teaches people not to judge other people by...
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