Should You Hire an Experienced Hacker to Protect Your It Systems

Topics: Black hat, Computer virus, Grey hat Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: October 20, 2008
In undertaking the daunting task of securing your Information Technology systems, I think you have to take what ever measures necessary. You can not afford to let competitors or criminal minded individuals gain access to your vital data. I say who better to safeguard this information than someone who knows the intricacies of what a hacker looks for when trying to infiltrate a network. I think you would be making a mistake not to at least look in to hiring a hacker to help your organization. Fist things fist lets look at what makes a hacker a hacker. Here are some of the various types of hackers: Hacker: refers to a type of computer hacker who is involved in computer security/insecurity, specializing in the discovery of exploits in systems (for exploitation or prevention), or in obtaining or preventing unauthorized access to systems through skills, tactics and detailed knowledge. White hat: An ethical hacker who breaks security but who does so for altruistic or at least non-malicious reasons. White hats generally have a clearly defined code of ethics, and will often attempt to work with a manufacturer or owner to improve discovered security weaknesses, although many reserve the implicit or explicit threat of public disclosure after a "reasonable" time as a prod to ensure timely response from a corporate entity. The term is also used to describe hackers who work to deliberately design and code more secure systems. To white hats, the darker the hat, the more the ethics of the activity can be considered dubious. Conversely, black hats may claim the lighter the hat, the more the ethics of the activity are lost. Grey hat: A hacker of ambiguous ethics and/or borderline legality, often frankly admitted. Blue hat: Refers to outside computer security consulting firms that are used to bug test a system prior to its launch, looking for exploits so they can be closed. The term has also been associated with a roughly annual security conference by Microsoft, the...
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