Should World Religion Be Taught in Public Schools?

Topics: Islam, Religion, Christianity Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: April 8, 2014
Should World Religion be Taught in Public Schools?

Picture this: A brightly-lit classroom full of shining, young students all getting along and treating each other as equals; they live amongst each other, like wildflowers in a field, in perfect harmony. Muslims, Atheists, and Christians alike, sitting side-by-side with no misunderstanding or bias between them. I believe that World Religion should be taught in public schools. Although many students today are, without a doubt, brought up believing in a religion, most do not understand the importance and influence religions have on society, so teaching this to students would expand their knowledge and perspective of the world as a whole. Clarifying this further, Religious Studies Major David G. McAfee proclaims thoughtfully about students and religion: “... By learning about the origins of myths and the histories of various religious institutions, they can see all religions as part of the same phenomenon...”(RDF). Any decent person should act, equally important, courteous and kind enough to try and not offend another person, but students today grow up living in a very diverse world; they need to learn about World Religions because certain everyday sayings or acts may offend another individual because of their religion. In the Muslim religion, by way of example, Mahram people shaking hands with a non-Mahram is prohibited. If an uneducated non-Mahram takes the hand of a Mahram, even if the Mahram did not shake the hand willingly, the Muslim person who has broken their commandments may need to go through complex ritual purification (Muslim Voices). Although these things may prove to be true, pulling religion to awareness in schools may increase the chances students get to stereotype and discriminate each other. About 33 percent of children have been picked on because of their religion or family income, so why encourage the bullies (ING)? Obviously, teaching religion to students will only provide ideas for a bully;...

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