Should Women Be Allowed To Serve In The Military

Topics: Combat, Military, Gender Pages: 5 (1179 words) Published: April 21, 2017

Naomi Araya
Mrs. Bellon
Pre-Ap English 1
Should Woman be allowed to serve in The Military?
Putting woman in higher military combats is a great decision. It increases military strength and makes an army more diverse but today signs of gender gaps are still present because of the lack of representation for woman serving the military. Females should have the same opportunity as males when it comes to joining the military and woman are credible to serve in the army regardless of gender because females have served the army for centuries deserving the right to fight with their male counterparts. Females should be able to serve in higher military combats and pursue what they wish to fight for regardless...

Females anatomy is made differently than males because of the way there built and shaped but it doesn’t mean that females are unable for fighting because there are lots of young women who prove that they are cable of serving the military and setting the bars high for others. Another good reason for females joining the army is that when it comes to training males will dominate because of the way there built and there shouldn’t be lower standards for a female to join an army but…. there are plenty of girls who are capable of accomplishing training and there are plenty of girls who can be capable for training and that’s through hard work and motivation! A female can succeed and accomplish a training section “women should have a chance to perform combat duties if they wish and if they can meet qualifications.” (Lageson 2). Today in culture based societies they visualize a male army because of traditions and perspective of the older generations. Males around the world are benefiting with more jobs options, income source, and the right to choose. In 3rd world countries females are expected to be a stay at home mother, provide for the family and kids, and is expected to do labor chores around the house. To improve equality for females, gender shouldn’t matter at all because we are all entitled to chance. The outcome would mean people would look at females differently having important roles to play and would benefit everyone in return.” We owe it to them to allow them to pursue every avenue of the military service for which they are fully prepared and qualified. “(Lageson 2) this means that everyone deserves a right to choose whatever options there is in the...
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