Should Woman go topless

Topics: Boston Red Sox, The Wall, David Ortiz Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: December 2, 2013
Man Cave
At the end of my white sided three bedroom house you will find the portal to my great escape. Turn the knob as you shift the top lock from left to right and you open the door to my safe heaven. As you walk down my 17 old wooden, steep steps you reach the bottom of my basement where you see my man gave in the middle of the basement next to the washer and dryer .

Once you reach the bottom of the steps the wrench of mildew and humidity penetrate your nostrils. Baring threw it as you continue to walk your gently welcomed by a warm soothing smell of Hawaiian breeze coming from my air wic plug for smell on the wall. Peak in and you will see a humble eight foot by ten foot room with a half white crank window with a view of my neighbors beautiful yellow sided two storied house. Look at the walls and you will see yellow egg white coated wood panels with one electrical outlet. Plugged in at the outlet is a 3 foot orange and black extension cord that runs along the back wall with a six way plugged in at the end. Plugged to the black extension is my I phone charger first, followed by my 32 in black Panasonic flat screen that sits on top of my Dish Network cable box that displays’ the time in a neon blue throughout the day. Plugged behind that is my most used and important items In the room, my Sony stereo where I have my grey two foot long auxiliary cord that connect to my I phone which always me to play music on my phone threw the stereo to blast calming sounds threw my ear drums. Besides the stereo is a 5 foot long by 2 feet wide mirror that I occasionally check myself out in while I lift my grey 20 pound or my chrome curling bar with 20 pound black weights on each side. On the walls next to the mirror is my two foot by two feet calendar where I keep my life organized with current events to the right of the calendar is the poster of my favorite baseball player from the Boston Red sox David Ortiz. My floor is covered with a faded blue carpet. Against the...
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