Should We Have Opta

Topics: Edward R. Murrow, Education, Time Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: May 6, 2013
January 21, 2013
Do you ever get caught up in work or sports and don’t have time to finish your homework or maybe something along that line and don’t have time to finish it? Do you ever miss a day and get caught up in your school work so you need to catch up? Do you ever even just to forget an assignment? Well everyone has experience that one point or another, and that is why students just like I should have an opta to help me out. Should opta be eliminated for all Edward R. Murrow students? My answer to that is no, opta should not be excluded for all Murrow students.

 I believe that Murrow students should have opta not eliminated. With an opta, students will be able to get plenty of rest so that they won't overwork their brains, they will have the time to finish extra work, and they will be able to improve their social skills and potential. I am a large believer that Murrow students should have an opta period. It would be very beneficial to students. The most important reason why Murrow students should have an opta period is because if they get one, they will be able to get their brain rest to prevent an overworked brain. Brain rest is important because if students have to sit in class constantly listening to a teacher or read their study material, their brains will become tired and it will no longer continue with storing information. For example, when I am sitting in class for a long amount of time, I zone out and forget and don't hear anything that the teacher is telling the class. Obviously, in order to keep this from happening, students need an extra period of time to rest themselves.

Furthermore, if Murrow students receive an opta period in school, they will be allowed the time to finish any extra school work that they have left to do for class. Such as class work, homework, extra-credit work, etc. For example, when I was in elementary school, during my free period, while everyone else was playing, I would be the one girl who was quietly sitting at...
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