Should We Abolish Pennies?

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, Currency, President of the United States Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: May 19, 2009
What would it be like without pennies? Without them we can’t use them for changes. Life would be different without pennies. Everything will have to change if we take out pennies in the U.S.
If we don’t have pennies, then everything will be rounded off to the nearest five or ten cents. All the products with extra changes in the sale will have to change the amount of its costs to a point where no penny is needed. That’s more work for the workers to do, making all the costs of the items in the store into an amount where pennies aren’t needed.

What would happen to the 99 cents store? If the pennies were to be gone, it won’t have the 99 cents store anymore. Sure they can change the cost of items to a dollar, but that is one cent more than the customers used to pay. That may not sound like a lot of money, but think about it, if you buy one hundred items for one hundred dollars, you could’ve save one dollar and one dollar can save a person’s life from starvation. And if they change it to 95 cents, they will lose profit. The sign of the store will have to be changed to whatever cost they decided to change the items to, but they can’t change the sign to “$1 Store” because there are already a store called that. And if they do change the sign, that means that they have to use their own money to get the new sign, which also means they’ll have less money to use for other necessary things for the store.

The sources say that the penny is the lowest denomination coin, but if it were to be gone, the nickel would be the lowest denomination coin. Would it end up like the pennies and would be abolish in the future years? Even if the pennies were to be completely gone, the nickels will have the same complaints that the pennies were having and the complaints of the lowest denomination coin will go on and on until there is no coins left.

In taking the pennies off, memories of Abraham Lincoln will be gone. All the things Lincoln did for the U.S. will fade...
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