Should Violent Video Games Be Banned?

Pages: 4 (813 words) Published: February 11, 2018

Should Video Games be Banned?

An ongoing argument where people think that video games should be banned. Should video games be banned? All of the arguments are repetitive and based on false belief, with very little real evidence.

Some people think, ‘Violent video games should be banned because they influence the young minds of our generation and that they will bring cruelty and death among thee by doing indescribable acts of scandalous crime, thieving from innocent people and slaughtering their own kind in the most horrendous, grim and horrific ways that man could ever possibly imagine!’ Not true. In fact, psychologists are still unsure whether violent video games share a link with crime. Even if they did have a connection, the person who...

Then causes an addiction within them where it reaches the point they don't even shower or socialise with other people. This is partly true, but it's not like they are manipulating the player's mind to stay on the couch all day playing games and eating junk food instead of going outside and interacting with people to get a healthy evening meal. Whilst also being clean and healthy all the time. That is their own choice. Sure, I know from experience as well that video games can be addicting, but it’s easy to switch off and walk away when you are getting annoyed, frustrated, bored or even just have something else that is more important to do, such as eating, sleeping, showering, and so forth. As for the socialising, video games can be perfect places for people who have social anxiety, or are just shy, to meet other people and make friends. It also helps narrowing people down. Look at it his way, if you are trying to make friends by walking around a public park going up and starting a conversation would be hard, and nowadays would probably be considered as weird and creepy. Not only that but keeping up the conversation would be tricky, considering you have nothing in common to talk about, that you know of. After all, you don’t know anything about this person. In games however, you already have the ice-breaker of...

They successfully combine the talents of many individuals. Some examples being the plot. Someone needs to come up with a story for the game, character dialogue and variable endings in some cases. Just like a book. Someone needs to design the characters, landscapes and objects while others voice act the roles of their characters. Just like a film, or a theatre piece. Someone needs to compose the soundtrack and make the music, more people need to produce the sound effects and compositions. Just like music. Someone needs to code it, fix it and build the game. All of these things, every single one is a piece of art that not only falls together in place perfectly like a jigsaw, but it also creates thousands of jobs and rolls in so much money for the...
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