Should Videeo Games Be Banned

Topics: Game, Learning, Play Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: May 6, 2013
There are many opinions on this topic weather video games shouldn’t be band. There are negative and positive sides to the argument. I’m strongly on the side that they should not be band because there are kids enjoyment and free time activity. There are also some very educational games that can be played for the younger kids.

Firstly playing video games benefits your visual skills, it helps your eyes become more alert in your everyday life. According to a pair of researchers at the University of Rochester in New York, such action video games train the brain to better process certain visual information. This is a very true fact in life because your brain is just like your legs/feet/arms, you must train all these parts of your body to walk and pick up objects .From a personal perspective, I have realised a difference in my ball handling skills with the football and my knowledge of how to dodge an opponent because with lots of practice I have mastered these skills.

Playing video games with cars can give you lots of confidence behind the wheel when you get older. When playing a racing game you turn the control to the way you want to move your vehicle. Two English boys aged 24 and 23 have discovered that the more they played video games the more confident and the more steady they drove. They have also discovered that the top 68% of drivers have all practiced how to drive by playing video game.

Playing video games with your child is also a great way with spending time with your them and having fun. You can also ask your child to show you how a game works, gets you involved and it is the best way to tune into what they are learning. Parents should set ground rules about how much time they spend each day watching or playing games. Aim for balance in your family activities. Make sure everyone is having a go at physical activity and creative play .Parents should help their children choose games with learning values and positive messages. They should explore...
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