Should Vending Machines Be Turned Off During The Day?

Topics: School, Barack Obama, Nutrition Pages: 3 (768 words) Published: December 18, 2013
Should Vending Machines be Turned off during the School Day? Many schools nowadays turn off their vending machines during the school day to prevent students from eating fattening foods. In California and Hawaii, state legislators are very close to passing a law that would ban any drinks excluding milk, water or juice from being sold in elementary schools, and reduce the hours older students can use the vending machines. Michelle Obama and the Obama Administration have asked Congress to improve children's nutrition by getting rid of school vending machines that provide students with sugary snacks and drinks. The problem with this is school’s are making an extravagant amount of money off feeding their students with artificial flavoring and preservatives. In my opinion, I do not believe our Government should be saying if this is right or wrong. For them to do that is saying that this isn’t a democracy and more of a communist government.

The other argument in view is that students should be eating school lunch instead of the vending machine snacks. The problem with this is that generally the school’s are serving just as worse food. School’s lunches are filled with GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), preservatives and artificial flavoring. Taking out vending machines would not stop the problem of students having an unhealthy diet. The average lunch at school consists of some sort of meat product, well little do people know, the animals are injected with hormones to produce a fatter and bigger animal. The awareness in what is going in foods is the real problem.

The other problem people are having with turning vending machines off during the school day is that you aren’t teaching students responsibility in their own health. When you aren’t teaching awareness and instead telling students no, they really are not thinking for themselves. This is a very liberal way of going about things. Putting restrictions on things doesn’t bring awareness, it makes people think...
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