Should universities ban meat?

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Methane Pages: 4 (1888 words) Published: October 29, 2014
Global warming is a phenomenon caused by the buildup of greenhouse gases (GHGs) through human activities. We may not realize that some of these activities, for example when we eat or when you move into a new development, help contribute to global warming. Recently meat has been in the limelight as a contributor in the carbon footprint, which is a GHG. Although it is an indirect contributor, the total amount of carbon released is significant. Land is being cleared to breed livestock, waste from livestock also cause pollution and the transportation of the meat before it reaches our plate produces greenhouse gases. In a recent report, it was estimated that the world pumped 39.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide last year. Global Carbon Project states that it is 2.3% more than previous year.1 In order to maintain an increase in global temperature of not higher than 2oC annually, we need the efforts of all. No matter how insignificant one might feel, we are linked to the production of greenhouse gas and our choices affect the carbon footprint. A movement has been proposed to ban meat served in Singapore universities in supporting efforts to reduce carbon emission from meat. However, meat is not highlighted as a contributor to the carbon emissions. As such, the movement would not be an ideal. However, there are other feasible ideas that universities can adopt to contribute in reducing their carbon footprint. Production of meat emits carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (NO2), and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which are GHGs. Furthermore, its is estimated that livestock production accounts for 18% of GHGs.2 11% of the total carbon emissions of food is due to CO2 emitted in the burning of fossil fuels to power vehicles to transport food and deforestation for livestock production.3 However, locally produced food may cause greater environmental damage as they use a different farming method than an imported product.4 During the production, CH4 is released by...
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