Should Torture Be Allowed or Not

Topics: Human rights, Torture, Morality Pages: 4 (1342 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Should Torture Be Allowed or Not

The issue of torture is being very current and it arouses debate between those who are totally against it; those who think that it sometimes can be used for good; and those who are in between. The idea of torture was seen only as something that happened far away in time, and it should not even be considered as an issue of the modern society. Furthermore, torture was seen as a violation of the fundamental human rights, which were protected by different human rights conventions. But then something happened and actually influenced the general opinion about the issue of torture. Criminal attacks nowadays are not very rare. As long as we continue to be threatened from those criminal attacks, this issue will always be current, and there will always be space for controversy. The importance of the issue of torture is in that it lies between the ideas of whether it is more important to protect human rights or use it as a mean of obtaining important information which could be used for the safety of the society. In one hand there are those who think that torture is against the fundamental human rights, and should not be used in any case. On the other hand, there’s this group of people whose opinion was directly affected by the criminals attacks all over the world, especially after September 11th, 2001 when the twin towers were attacked and a lot of people lost their life. This was a turning point in the general opinion and led people to think that by torturing criminals, information could get obtained and such attacks could be prevented from happening, or at least the number of such attacks could decline. Should the right of not being tortured be protected by the human rights or should the officials consider torture as a mean to be used by governments in the prosecution of terror and war? I would argue that torture should be used in some circumstances, as long as governments use it as a mean of obtaining important information, which...
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