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Should Tolerance be taught in Schools Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tolerance is expected to be taught in the home; however, this is not always the case. Family communication is not what it once was and this makes it hard for parents to teach their children appropriate survival skills. Many families leave this to the school system, expecting the school to educate their students to be successful members of society. Even though Tolerance is supposed to be taught at home, it’s important to teach in school as well, because School is where student have one on one interaction, where they can learn about each other on a personal level and dedicated teachers can help students overcome negative attitudes. Tolerance allows people to appreciate and coexist with each other no matter how different they may be. It give people the ability to give fair and an objective attitudes toward others religion, practices, opinions, nationality, or in anything different from their own. Tolerance is showing respect for all human being not matter how diverse they are. Intolerance contributes to inter-group violence, by people not being able to respect one another’s opinions, practices, and beliefs (Peterson,2003). Violence can be physical, verbal, or psychological aggression, which can impede on a person’s rights to work and learn in a safe learning environment. “The 14th Amendment to the constitution holds that no state shall “drive any person of life, liberty or property, with due process of law.” (School Violence Prevention, 2004). The 14th Amendment stands for schools as well, making it unconstitutional to exclude anyone from a free, safe, and appropriate public education (School Violence Prevention, 2004). Tolerance will help groups and communities ease hostilities and move past intractable conflicts. In communities with deep roots of violent conflicts, tolerance will allow groups affected by this violence to deal with the pain of the past and resolve their differences to move forward (Peterson,2003). The Physical aggression of violence is believed to be a demonstration of a lack of problem solving and anger management skills (School Violence Prevention, 2004). Economically depressed communities and politically charged people or groups may find being tolerant of people who have done them harm or are unlike themselves difficult, which can lead to dehumanization, repression, discrimination and violence (Peterson,2003). Tolerance is important for the improvement of our nation’s society (Ganly, 2007) . It is believed that tolerance needs to be modeled in the home by the people who care for and are nearest to a child. Some student may have been brought up in a home with parents which are intolerant themselves (Johnson, 2005) . Children are perceptive to gender and racial differences, while at a very young, and can form stereotypes by age 12 (Strategy: Diversity and Tolerance Education in Schools, 2010). Babies can sense when an adult is acting odd and has a change in attitude, which can make the infant feel cautious about people who are different. In this type of situation a student may not know how to be tolerant (Johnson, 2005). In today’s society there is a large amount of single parent families and families that have to work more than one job to support their family, which leads to the lack of family communication. The environments that past generations were raised in, have made it difficult for them to be tolerant. Adults and peers tell racial jokes or make humorous references to ethnic stereotypes, which may have been made innocently, but are still comments that lead to intolerance. Another reason there is no guarantee that children will learn tolerance in the home is that not all communities are as diverse as others, making it difficult to teach diversity. Children are usually not used to diversity and don’t understand...
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