Should Tobacco Companies Be Held Responsible

Topics: Addiction, Drug addiction, Nicotine Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: September 27, 2010

I believe anyone who began smoking before the risks of smoking were known and before the addictive properties were known should be able to sue the tobacco companies. People were mislead into believing a product was safe to use which the companies knew was not safe and purposely made more addictive.

It has been shown that tobacco companies have purposely added flavorless substances such as sugar and ammonia for the express purpose to make the tobacco more addictive when burned.

I further believe that if it is found that any tobacco company is currently altering their recipe for the purpose of increasing addiction that they should be held accountable for that.

It is not the same for alcohol since alcohol is not chemically addictive. A person has to be predisposed to becoming an alcoholic.

Casinos should be held accountable. They purposely use certified mind control techniques to addict people to gambling. It is a persons choice that they first try gambling however it is not clear to the majority of the public that casinos format their games in a way to be psychologically addictive.

I do believe people need to be educated that even given enormous will power it is possible to become addicted to gambling and it is unlike most other fun activities which can be dropped whenever the person wants.

The video game company Blizzard employed a number of these methods into their game World of Warcraft and it is the reason people have lost their marriages, jobs, and educations unable to stop. A video game, formatted in an exact specific way to trigger the same things as gambling.

Drug companies do not to my knowledge purposely alter their formulas to make the drugs addictive, it is only a byproduct of the function the drug performs on the brain, so no they shouldn't be held accountable.

Same for food suppliers to a degree. There seems to be growing evidence that the use of high fructose corn syrup may have an addictive quality to some people...
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