Should The Voting Age Be Lowered In The US

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Lowering voting age in US
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Over the years, there has been argument and debate on whether it is good to lower the voting age in the United States. Some of the Americans have been supporting the issue while others toughly stand against it. Historically, the voting age deliberation was also evident when it was lowered to eighteen years in ratification made by Congress in 1971. The voting age was by then at 21 years but by the 26th Amendment of the United States constitution it was eventually lowered to 18 years (Utter, 2011). The change in eligibility prompted a big debate among the Americans, thereby attracting a range of opinions from different people. The debate has continued over the years with the recent being the call for lowering it further may be to 16 years or so. On my opinion I do not back lowering of the age for voting. It should stand at the current age of 18 years. In the first place, a person who has attained the age of 18 years is internationally recognized as an adult, though there are still countries like in Europe and part of South America who allow 16 or 17 to be the lower voting age. At 18 years of age person is responsible for his or her own life and are able to make prompt decisions. Therefore lowering the age would not be as good especially for political decisions. At the age in the 26th amendment, the person might not be mature enough since the brain may not have developed fully for entitlement. Having a lower age in voting will give incorrect rights to immature people. Considering the experience and the fact these are teens, moved by emotions and sensitivity, it may not be good to lower the voting age to below 18 years. They have not been much exposed to social and political activities with most of them still in school (Grover, 2011). Due to such in exposure therefore it is not necessary to evolve this teens in matters to do with politics. They might not be conversant with what...

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