Should the Us Bombed Japan?

Topics: World War II, Japan, Asia Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: May 2, 2012
Should the US have bombed Japan after Pearl Harbor?
By Noah Richardson
Yes, Pearl Harbor was an act of war and we had every right to retaliate using whatever force necessary. After being defeated and driven back to Japan, the Japanese military refused to surrender and the Japanese Emperor was encouraging his private citizens to protect their homeland from invasion. The rest of the world considered that the Japanese efforts t o take over the islands of the Pacific were unacceptable, especially since they had been so ruthless and deceitful. When Japan refused to surrender, even after severe bombing of the major cities, it was calculated that between 750,000 to 1,000,000 troops would lose their lives in an effort to invade Japan, and that at least as many Japanese citizens would die as well. Just forgetting about the Imperial attempts to take over the Pacific was not an option. The world demanded that the Japanese war machine be dismantled to avoid a second round in a few years. The league of nations had made that mistake with Germany at the end of World War One, and Germany rebuilt and tried to take over Europe again by invading other European nations in World War Two, so most of the world did not want Japan to have a second chance. After looking at the number of probable deaths, it was determined that invasion was not a good idea. At about the same time, the Manhattan project had successfully tested a nuclear device. The military was given an opportunity to end the war without the loss of any more Allied lives. It was decided that if the citizens of the U.S. were to discover that the military had been forced to invade Japan and we had lost a million soldiers at a time when we had a device that would end the war without any further loss of life, the nation would have become enraged at the military and the government, and justifiably so.
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