Should the United States Convert Entirely to Nuclear Energy?

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Jamachi Eluchie
Should the United States convert entirely to Nuclear Energy? Most Definitely.
After extensive thought and a solid amount of study on nuclear energy and the benefits of establishing it as the only source of energy in the United States, I feel that the United States should indeed convert entirely to nuclear energy. I will now go on to explain and clarify why I believe that such a conversion would benefit America.

Nuclear power, to start with, is healthier for our environment. According to Plenty Mag on Mother Nature Network (MNN), nuclear power does not emit as many greenhouse gases as coal and oil, which are currently our two most primarily used sources of power. The same source also reveals that nuclear energy does not release nitrogen and sulfur dioxide, which cause air pollution. Though some people believe that nuclear energy will be too time-consuming and expensive because it is a new idea and requires a lot of money and attention to establish it, it is actually cheaper and more efficient in the long run. According to The Franklin Institute Science Museum (FI), nuclear plants “can run for 540 days before they are shut down for refueling”, which saves money and the time that it would have taken to replenish other types of energy that run out after shorter periods of time. We could then use the cash saved to pay off some of our national debt or to even start new economic programs.

Although select individuals feel that randomly switching to nuclear power would make us run to other nations for support and assistance on our new project, it would actually give us more independence. Tim Mullaney of USA Today pointed out how “oil imports will drop 20% by 2025” if we switched to nuclear energy as our source of power. Independence would be wonderful for us in the case that the nations we are currently relying on for energy crashed and burned, figuratively speaking.

In conclusion, after analyzing arguments in support of and against nuclear...

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