Should the Start of the School Year Be Moved to September?

Topics: Broadsheet, Philippines, Weather Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: October 3, 2011
The Philippines starts its school year every June. However, due to numerous class suspensions caused by typhoons, Senator Drillon proposed a bill that will move the start of the school year to September or as formally known as Senate Bill No. 2407. But I beg to differ, the start of classes shouldn’t be moved to September because September can still possibly be rainy and classrooms of public schools lack proper ventilation to accommodate students during summer.

“The first three months of the school year, June, July and August, are the peak periods for typhoons in the country.” (Drillon, 2010) Climate change shouldn’t be taken for granted, it always mean that the weather nowadays is unpredictable. The weather can change within a year and that nobody can be sure that September in the following years wouldn’t be rainy also. (Luistro, 2011) For example, Ondoy, one of the strongest typhoon that hit the Philippines occurred in September. No one can be sure that moving the start of the school year to September would rid them of the trouble of having to suspend classes.

If the start of school is moved, then, for the students to complete the required 185 to 200 days that are required, there will have to be classes during April and May, which are the hottest periods of the year. ( Classrooms in public schools aren’t air conditioned, in fact, they even lack proper ventilation. That, in addition to the overcrowding makes it unfavorable for students to study properly during summer time. Also, there are a lot of diseases during that period. Some examples would be sore eyes, diarrhea, and heat stroke, by placing students in small, crowded and hot classrooms would make them prone to theses sicknesses. (

During 1967, there was also a proposal that suggests that they move the start of school from June to August. It was done so that children who live in rural areas will be able to help their families in farming, but...
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