Should the Public Sector Be Privatized

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Should the public sector be privatized?

Posted By: meenakshisekar

 Yes of course privatization of public sectors leads to some healthy changes in an org. b's when you take public sectors u can find some slackness (or a little bit) delay in their services. But in case of private since service is there first and foremost duty they act rapidly.

Posted By: ssrkraju

Hi All,
            Privatization of public sector. Lot depends of which sector we are talking about. Let me clarify few doubts in the primary stage. Can we expect all private hospitals in our cities in our town which do not have an entry for poor people, can we have only private sector telephone companies, can we have private companies have complete control on oil reserves, can we have all transport be provided by private sector and RTC vanishes, can we expect an private sector to take care of our defense. In the same way we cant expect the government to set up an IT industry on its own, we cant expect them to handle all the load of flight transport. My point over here is both are not mutually exclusive. We need to accept the fact that both are here to stay and we cannot make it without one. They do have their importance and we need to deal this issue according to the context. There are some strategic sectors, which need to be under control of Indian government like oil/gas sector. The subsidy we enjoy will be never provided by a private sector. The government in this case helps its citizens to a great extent and making them available to its citizens. The ration card system is a great boon to the poor. Coming to some sectors like steel and mobile where both are present and a healthy competition among them always benefits the customers. It is also a point to be noted that Government itself cannot take the complete load just like it cant take the load of all flight customers where private sector is playing its helping role. Then there is education sector, which also has good competition with CBSE matching with any education system of either state syllabus or the schools coming up with their own syllabus. The public transport sector too is a mix of public and private and here you can see a striking difference. You can easily differentiate the profit motive of private personal whose salaries depend on the profit to their owner. In autos you can see some 6-8 people are dumped then starts the engine. I do accept that some services are best in private sector as they fear their job loss and their owners do get the best out of them by making them to work more no. Of hours. The lazy mindset of some public sector could be taken into account to convert it to a private sector. I would like to suggest that counseling sessions for these to have a better future by working for the organization would help it to grow better and be under the public sector umbrella. We can take some examples by some of our previous strategies, which helped us to renovate dull companies, which lacked in performance. If a private individual is going to buy the company and could change its fortunes, why can't the public government do it? It can. Running away from a trouble is not a solution. Facing it head-on will produce better results.

Posted By: mallika_pillai

          I totally agree with Mr.ssrkraju.... As he said it depends on which sector we are talking about. And both have a different importance of their own. Privatization has its own proms and public sector have their own. I think both needs to be there as far today’s development is concerned.          Taking the view it is right that the work at public sectors is not working the way it should. But if everyone understands the responsibilities then it can also work the same way as private sectors. Again I think for some sectors it is ok otherwise it should be done by the respected ones itself... POST YOUR VIEWS ON THIS TOPIC ......

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