Should the Mma Be Banned?

Topics: Mixed martial arts, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Martial arts Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Andrew Del Genio
March 4, 2013
Should there be a ban on MMA?

MMA is banned in 4 different U.S states, and many others want it banned nationally. This is to show those people who think it should be banned that they are wrong and that this sport can bring good business to America.

Many people believe this sport is very is brutal, they use words describing it such as “barbaric” and “Human Cock Fighting” when this sport is nothing like that at all. Fighters don’t even take excessive blows to the head as well, every fighter who takes part in this has been training for years, they are very skilled, and if you pay attention most of the moves the fighters execute aren’t intended for the head. With submissions this causes many fighters to go after things such as arms and legs keeping the head safe, but per say some one was being hit the face as soon as the referee comes to the decision that the fighter is no longer protecting himself the fight is over. The referees are trained as well, and they are always looking out for the fighter’s safety. Many people make a big deal of the fighter who passed away in 2007 during a match in Houston but since 1993 there have only been 2 deaths to MMA but in boxing; a sport that is not banned anywhere has produced 70 from 1998-2006. (Myers, 2012) That is 68 more deaths in shorter period of time and doctors want to ban this sport and say boxing is safe; it should blow your mind.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the largest MMA organization and recently signed a multi-million deal with Fox and I want to bring this to your attention because it shows there is a lot of money to make in the sport. Did you know every time a venue hosts’ one of these events the whole area makes about 4 million dollars? (Myers, 2012) It brings great business to not only the place hosting the event but all the companies around take a boost. One of the reasons people think MMA should be banned is the lack pay fighters receive. Fighters are...
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