Should the internet be restricted or regulated?

Topics: Pornography, Website, Internet pornography Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: December 8, 2013
Should the internet be restricted and regulated?
Early in 2012, Wikipedia went dark for a day, and on the black screen, an ominous warning said, “Imagine a world without free knowledge.” The website made a point how important the internet is to the world. The ability is to communicate with people, to know what is going on, and to give knowledge away for free. The internet is the best source of information; however, some websites contain improper or illegal information, videos, and pictures. The question is, “Should the internet be regulated and restricted?” Well it depends on what kind of regulation we are talking about. In my opinion, the internet should be regulated for some reasons. First, the internet has become a dominate tool for people to abuse. Spam, scam, fraud, hacking, and identity theft are the most common problems we all have to confront. In the past, we had to do everything by hands, but today everything can be done online with one button or a click of mouse. That is why “cybercrimes” are everywhere on the internet. The information on profiles can be hacked easily if we are carefree to fill out these unsafe forms online. For instances, you are looking for a job, and then you find a job you want online. However, if you were not careful to read the contents on your web pages, hackers or other groups can steal or look up your information without your permission like your social security, bank account, or something else. Before you apply for a job or fill out these forms online, you should talk a look first if it is safe for privacy or your information is protected. In addition, online shopping is one of the examples. It has become popular for every person. It is faster, easier, and more convenient. However, is it always safe to shop online? The answer is no. No one can guarantee your information is safe. You can be cheated easily if you do not know for sure what you shop online. For examples, you receive a promotion code in your email from a...
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