Should the Homework Policy Be Changed?

Topics: Education, Learning, Study skills Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: May 8, 2012
~INTRO~ Most people call me Cam, I like Cameron the best. I am a confident young lady striving to succeed in my future. The school I plan to attend is considering changing their homework policy for next year. Should the policy be changed? It consists of terminating homework for students completely. Students think it takes up too much time after school and on the weekend. Some say that the teachers should provide enough time to do the work at school, instead of at home. I believe that homework is a great way of helping students fully understand the material, and develop positive study skills and habits that will serve them well throughout life. The community has come together to make the final decision.

~BODY 1~ Enforcing a “no homework” policy is not a good way to help students understand what they are learning. Its cutting back on the skills they can develop over time, to help succeed later in life. Not only does this lower the expectation for students to become more responsible in the future, but it lowers the expectations for the teachers as well. It especially helps integrate learning by applying many different skills to a single task, such as book reports or science projects. Homework enhances work ethic and communication between parents and the school. Parents think that the best way for their children to learn is to send home homework so they can make sure they know exactly what they are learning, and make sure that they fully understand it. For instance, some students take time off school to go on vacation in the summer. This takes away from the time they have to learn what other kids are learning in school. Without homework how are students supposed to know what their peers have been taught while they were gone? In my opinion I think homework is the smartest and fastest way to help students learn better.

~BODY 2~ Doing things repeatedly, Improves thinking and memory. The human body learns mostly by doing. Listening to teachers talk at...
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