Should the government provide health care

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Many people simply debate on the topic of whether health care is a necessity or not, but I will get to that after I speak on how the ECONOMY IS BEING AFFECTED. I have a client that I was speaking to in regards to their largely franchised business and Obamacare. She explained that she now has to cut hundreds of employees hours because she cannot afford to pay for the new health care that is being required by the federal government. As a nation, we are now losing jobs because of Obamacare without even realizing it. Now to the second part of my argument. The United States IS NOT responsible to give health care to their citizens. Many people believe that it is the government's duty/right/responsibility to take care of the governed. This is not true, it is the government's duty/right/responsibility to SECURE THE BASIC RIGHTS: LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. That is ALL the government is to do. Many also say that in the situation of if someone too poor to pay for medical attention needs health care, it should be provided. Actually, when a person is without money (broke) and is in desperate condition (heart attack, stroke, seizure), HOSPITALS STILL TAKE THEM IN. I was talking to a homeless man this past weekend and he said to me that he had to have a complicated surgery done on him involving his kidney. He said that he didn't have to pay a penny and that he was helped anyways. People need to learn that the government is not your "cash daddy." Especially in the economic situation we are in, WE CAN'T EVEN AFFORD HEALTHCARE, YET WE PROVIDE IT. It shocks me how some people are just as vulnerable as a young child, depending on the government for just about everything. I just hope everyone wakes up and realizes that they must grow up.
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