Should the Federal Tax on Gasoline Increase to Help Pay for Public Transportation and Road Improvements

Topics: Tax, Taxation in the United States, Public transport Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: December 6, 2005
Should the Federal Tax on gasoline increase to help pay for public transportation and road improvements?
Gas companies shouldn't raise their taxes based on the need for money for public transportation because many citizens who live in the U.S. use public transportation instead of buying gas. By them not having to buy gas that will cause those who don't use public transportation to be forced to pay for something that they don't use. While doing so those who use the public transportation may reap the benefits of a cheaper bus fare, cheaper gas if needed for the citizens and it may also increase the pay for the public transportation employees.

To begin, by increasing the federal gas tax it may cause public transportation to lower their bus fare. By doing so, this will help the citizens who ride the bus save a few extra dollars. This may also help pay for the road improvements that may be needed. While citizens are continuously saving money the taxes are put on those who are not citizens which will help aid the citizen with less out of pocket expenses like taxes. This will enable the citizens to be able to spend their money other ways like on travel. They will be able to buy more gas or they will buy more for travel because it is cheaper for the citizens than for the non-citizens.

Next, while citizens are spending less on gas the gas companies are making more based on more citizens buying more gas for travel. Not only will the citizens spend money on gas but they will help airlines make money by the citizens traveling by way of airplane. Also, by the citizens traveling more and spending money all businesses will prosper greatly.

Also, the effect is the same for gas companies because regardless of the price or the tax on gas the gas companies will make money regardless because if the tax goes up on non citizens and not on the citizens, the citizens will probably end up buying more gas because it's cheaper than non citizens, and they will feel that they are...
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