Should the Drinking Age Be Raised to 21?

Topics: Drinking culture, Alcohol abuse, Binge drinking, Alcoholic beverage, Alcoholism, Beer / Pages: 4 (785 words) / Published: Apr 13th, 2012
Should the drinking age be raised to 21?

Teenagers between the age of fifteen to eighteen are drinking an average of nine to eleven cans of beer per week. They will ruin their lives if they don't cut down on the alcohol. Should this be enough to raise the drinking age up to twenty-one?

Teenagers do not understand how dangerous alcohol can be. BBC News proved that the UK has one of the worst problems in Europe, with a fifth of children aged eleven to fifteen drinking at least once per week. There is evidence that teenagers are drinking an average of forty-four bottles of wine or one hundred and seventy seven pints of beer in a year. Articles in the Telegraph show that there are one hundred and ninety thousand, fifteen to sixteen years old in Scotland which fifty seven thousand of them binge drink meaning drinking five or more drinks in one session. If that habit does not get stopped alcohol is going to ruin the teenagers lives before they become adults.

Alcohol plays a huge part in most of the violence cause by teenagers. An article from BBC News gave an example of this. Brendan Harris fifteen was convicted of murdering Sophie Lancaster in a Lanarkshire park after drinking two litres of beer, peach schnapps plus even more lager. This proves drinking an excessive amount of alcohol at the one time messes with your mind and makes you do terrible things. If Harris thought of consequences before he drank the huge amount of alcohol he could have saved a life. Also in February 2006 three young boys aged sixteen and the other aged seventeen, stabbed a young women to death in Paisley during the hours of nine and ten pm. The boys were jailed for life. They judge described the murder as “drunken aggression” that had been carried out for some entertainment.

No one deserves to be treated like that just because teenagers are consuming too much alcohol at one time. The three boys who were under age drinkers who stabbed an innocent young women to death, drank the

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