Should Teenage Girl Be Allowed to Get Birth Control Without the Permission of Their Parent

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Ashley Smith 8A 3/4/13

The Harlem Renaissance was a time period in Harlem in 1920. Billie Holiday was born on April 07, 1915 and died on July 17. Billie holiday was a great jazz singer. Strange Fruit was a good song. Billie Holiday once said, “If you copy it means you’re working without any real feeling” what she is saying that if you copy you have know feelings.
Harlem Renaissance was a place to show people talent in the 1920’s. It started in the 1920’ s and ended 1930. It happened in Harlem, New York. The Harlem Renaissance was a cultural movement. Billie Holiday, W.E.B Dubois, Ella Fitzgerald, and Bessie Smith were all there and others. Meanwhile, the re-development and gentrification of midtown pushed many blacks out of the Metropolitan area. As a result, African-Americans began moving to Harlem between 1900 and 1920 the number of blacks in the New York City neighborhood doubled. By the time the planned subway system and roadways reached Harlem, many of the country's best and brightest black advocates, artists, entrepreneurs, and intellectuals had situated themselves in Harlem. They brought with them not only the institutions and businesses necessary to support themselves, but a vast array of talents and ambitions. The area soon became known as “the Black Mecca” and “the capital of black America.”
Billie Holiday was a great jazz singer. Billie Holiday was born on April 07,1915 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and died on July 17, 1959. Billie Holiday was a jazz singer she made so good song called “what can moon light do” and “Strange Fruit” and other songs. Billie Holiday did a lot of things and had been through situation that no one knows her pain Holiday started skipping school, and she and her mother went to court over Holiday's truancy. She was then sent to the House of Good Shepherd, a facility for troubled African American girls, in January 1925. Only 9 years old at the time, Holiday was one of the youngest girls there. She was returned to her

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