Should Students Have to Repeat Their Grade?

Topics: High school, Education, Teacher Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Are students who fail their classes to be retained and have to repeat the grade?

Students are in school to learn, to show their potentials, and pour out their intelligence through their hard work and dedication. Why is it the many students don’t grasp this simple concept and put their best skills to the test? Countess students don’t put attention to the work they are assigned resulting in failing classes. It would be wrong to other students for these kids to be allowed to pass the grade if they do not pass all their classes. I firmly believe that students who fail all their classes should have to be retained and should repeat their grade. Statistical averages of students achievements isn’t the only educational excellence in a school. No matter where the student comes from, whether it involves family backgrounds or other characteristics, they should have fun learning and being able to have a sense of accomplishment in their work. There’s no point in sending an unprepared student to fail further in their future grade. It wouldn’t make sense because the student would only be permitted to the following grade to fail yet again. According to the Editorial Projects in Education (EPE) Research Center, 3 out of 10 students in America’s public school fail to finish high school with a diploma. That counts up to 1.3 million students failing every year. Can you imagine all the effort and devotion a student who actually dares to pay attention during class puts on their projects, essays, tests/quizzes, etc.? Now envision how they must feel knowing that opposite from them, a student who slacks off while the teacher is teaching, doesn’t hand assignments on due dates, and doesn’t bother to study for tests, still manages to pass the grade with ease. This diminishes the hard work others put forth to accomplish given tasks. Students the show high academic performances would feel they wasted their time doing their school work...
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