Should Students Have to Eat Lunch on Campus?

Topics: High school, Blaine County, Idaho, Lunch Pages: 3 (584 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Where do your school children go for lunch? Do they leave or stay on campus. And what does open closed campus mean exactly?

In the case of the new Wood River High School, it could mean the students would not be able to leave campus for lunch. Currently, students can be found busily snapping up salads and sandwiches at the grocery stores, Snow Bunny and other convenient locations in Hailey.

Is this a bad thing?

Well, the problems seem to arise when kids, in a hurry to get back to campus before the bell rings, drive too fast on side streets. Or, if they don’t speed, there’s the possibility they’ll be late getting back to classes.

"They look ahead at a four-way stop and go through it," one parent in the Deerfield subdivision said. "It’s a quick run through Deerfield. It’s teenagers not paying much attention. There could be little kids running out at any minute."

Complaints about speeding do mostly come from homeowners in Deerfield, Hailey Police Chief Brian McNary said.

"It’s slowed down a bit this year compared to years past." He speculated that it might be due to people growing used to the situation or citations being issued.

"It may shift problems from lunch to after school. I don’t know," McNary said. "Our position is I’m okay with whatever the school district decides."

According to several students, being off campus and a part of the town is healthy. Connections are made that otherwise might not occur. They feel trusted, spend money in Hailey and let off steam away from school.

However, WRHS encompasses 97 acres. A student can walk a quarter mile in any direction and still be on campus, said Blaine County School District Superintendent Jim Lewis.

The district had an obligation to revisit the issue, Lewis said. Six years ago when first brought up by a neighborhood watch committee, the issue was set aside because the kitchen and cafeteria in the high school couldn’t handle that many lunches.

"We said we’d revisit if and when we...
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