Should Students Grades in Gym Class Effect Their Gpa

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Should Students’ Grades in Gym Class Affect Their GPA?
I personally do not agree with grades in gym classes affecting students’ grade point averages. I believe that gym class should be strictly for fun. There are many students who are not very athletic. Many females do not enjoy playing sports or running a mile. I do not think it is fair that schools make their students run a full mile, time them on it, and grade them on their times. Certain students are not great runners and the fact that they can fail because they did not finish running a mile in the “right” amount of time is horrible. There is no right amount of time to run a mile. Everybody is different and no two people can run a mile in the same number of seconds. So why are the students who run a mile in 7 minutes any better than the students who run it in 14 minutes? They aren’t… so why does one student deserve an A and the other a D? In my opinion, the mile run is very harsh. This also goes along with other sports played in gym class. Some students are great volleyball players, others are great football players, and others are great hockey players. I do not believe that every student deserves to be graded on every sport. I personally would play super competitive in floor hockey because I loved the game. I would get an A everyday for the two straight weeks we played it. When it was time for volleyball I still gave it my all but my letter grade was a C-. This made me really upset and I just felt like, why should I try so hard for it not to

pay off? The next sport that I don’t enjoy playing I’ll just slack off and get a C- for a reason! No student should ever feel that way. I believe that every student should try hard and not have to worry about the grade their getting. Gym class should be strictly for exercise, not to make kids run themselves to death to bring up their grade point average.

Why grade kids on skill, it has nothing to do with their intelligence. Of course there...
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