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•Should Students Be Allowed to Use Mobile Devices in Class?

By strong4inspire Jun 03, 2013 583 Words
Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Mobile Phones in Classrooms

Posted on Monday, March 05, 2012

Technology has changed almost everything. With the Internet and our mobile devices, everyone is now connected. Cell phones have become a necessity, more than just a luxury. And today, there is a very long standing debate about the use of mobile phones in the classroom.< /p>

This argument was brought about by the thin line between the advantages and disadvantages of fast connectivity in the present society, as listed below. Read along and decide for yourself whether allowing the use of mobile phones in the classroom is a good idea or not.

Advantages of Mobile Phones in Classrooms

The use of mobile phones in the classroom may be a prima facie bad idea, but mobile devices can also be beneficial inside the classroom.
• Cell phones make students connected. With mobile phones, parents will be less worried since they can easily check on their children, and students can easily call for their parents in times of emergency. • Cell phones encourage collaborative learning. Students can share notes and reminders faster and easier with mobile devices. • Cell phones can be used as memory aids. Students can document their lessons by taking pictures and/or videos to enhance retention. With smart phones, learning can also be more interactive and fun. • Cell phones can be used as paper and pencil. Students can use their phones for taking down notes and even for saving reminders.

Cell phones give access to a pool of information. Students can also use their phones to browse the internet to find the information they need. They can also utilize their dictionary or translator to facilitate their learning.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones in Classrooms

Allowing students to use their cell phones in the classroom is a bad idea because of the following reasons:
• Cell phones cause distraction. Students can easily be distracted when their phones ring or vibrate, and the learning process will be totally disrupted when the students start to send and read messages or make and receive calls. Moreover, with the advent of smart phones, it is now easy for students to access the internet and play or shop online. • Cell phones can be used in cheating. Text messaging is the new note passing. Students can exchange text messages with test answers on them without the teacher’s knowing. • Cell phones can be used in bullying. Students can take a video or a picture of their teachers and/or classmates that can be dehumanizing. • Cell phones can be detrimental to school safety. Cell phones can cause chaos during bomb and other threats because of the parents’ rushing to the school. • Cell phones can be health hazards. Constant exposure to the radiation emitted by mobile phones may be bad for the students.


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