Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?

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【C中 E英 F法 J日】

E: Thank these amazing dancers again for their marvelous opening show. Well,well, well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to “IDP Night”—the tenth Foreign Language Drama Contest. F: Mesdemoiselles, mesdames et messieurs, bienvenus a la neuvieme concour de drames en langues etrangeres. J: 皆さん,こんばんは!ようこそ 第十回 外国語の演劇大会。

C:尊敬的各位领导,亲爱的老师们同学们,欢迎来到“XXX之夜”第十届外国语学院外语戏剧大赛。 人生如戏,戏如人生。
E : All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players. F: Le drame est comme la vie; la vie est seulement un drame. J: 人生はお芝居の如し、 お芝居は人生の如し

C: 在今晚的舞台上,我们邀您共赏六段精彩人生。 首先由我来为大家介绍一下赛制。今晚,六个将角逐冠军的剧组依次上台表演。评委将从整体表演,语言应用,剧情连贯等方面给分,评出最终的冠亚季军及最佳男女主角奖,最佳男女配角奖,最佳导演奖。 E : Tonight, six casts contending for championship will perform their dramas on the stage followed by sequence numbers of previous draw. After their performances, the judges will grade them according to the overall acting, language use and plot flow to select the winners and decide six prizes—Award for Best Actor and Actress in a leading role and for Best Actor and Actress in a supporting role; Award for Best Directing and for Stage Effect. J : 接下来,请允许我隆重介绍今晚到场的评委及嘉宾们。 他们是......... (E:welcome) F : ………. (E:welcome)

【C:下面让我们用热烈掌声有请XX领导为我们讲话 E: …….】



The story begins in Europe in 18th century. The heroine is beautiful and seething inside but too shy to convey her feelings. The hero appears a playboy on the surface but his heart to his beloved will go on. They encounter each other as wonderfully as the fairy tale could picture. All shall be well, Jack should have Jill. However, they suffer a lot from the practical joke of naughty elves. Will their relationship keep on blossoming? Find the answer in cast 1s performance,Trouble in Love. Hero and heroine are just right on the way. 【幕后:有请第二剧组】

Dominique, a college student, falls in love with a male follow named Bertrand, but later on goes with another one, Constant, a friend of Bertrand’s, who is of gloomier temperament. Constant lives a cozy life. He is rich and outspoken. Nothing can seemingly intrigue him. Dominique’s love is nothing but merely something “boring” or “insipid”. Their relationship should have been (temporary) ephemeral and not out of the ordinary. In the end, amorous Dominique goes single and alone again. The unforgettable love experience in her heart becomes a certain smile that sticks in the past. Warmly welcome cast No.2. A certain smile.


J:非常感谢以上三个剧组的精彩演绎,在我们大赛进展到一半的关键时刻,让我们不妨先稍稍休息一下。 C:是的,也让我们观众有时间好好回味下刚才的戏剧表演。哎我看底下评委们都看得津津有味,也似乎有话要说。 J:那我们有请尊敬的XX为我们三位剧组进行点评 C:……(请第二位评委)
C:听完评委们的点评,想必大家更迫不及待想看看接下来的三个剧组会否有更令我们惊喜的表现吧?不过别急,我们还有超酷炫的表演嘉宾要抢先登场,等着冲击你们的听觉! J:哇,轮到我们第四届外语歌唱大赛的选手们强势回归舞台了吗!相信看过外歌的朋友们一定和我一样,还对他们的天籁之音记忆犹新! C:哎我没看过,那岂不是有耳福了!事不宜迟,快快有请快歌选手们上台吧! J:掌声有请!
Butterfly Lovers
Life is like a dream, Zhu Yingtai, as a great lady from a rich family, has the same aspiration as man’s? She studies in Hangzhou. While in school, she becomes acquainted with Liang Shanbo and Ma Wencai and makes friends with them. Liang likes freedom. So does Ma. They wish they could fly lightheartedly like butterflies one day. And in the end, their dream comes into reality. Zhu is left alone in an empty grand house. Looking back, everything that once happened seems just like a dream.

Why does the crowned queen bury herself in tears every night? Why is the carrot in the canteen often suffered (stolen) a lot on the sly? What knocks the door of the elder sister’s room every night? Man or ghost? Whether the younger sister would choose the two boys coming up for her or she already has someone else in mind? What for that a pair of needing ride horses?? in a world of ice and snow? What hides behind? The distortion of love or degeneration of morals?...
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