should students be allowed to eat during class

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Imagine a classroom filled with students who are all eating their favourite foods. There are candy wrappers and potato chip bags littering the desks and the floor. Students should not be allowed to during class because you are disrespecting the students of the class. In spite of that, eating in class could possibly a life death situation for some people.

Firstly, and most importantly students should not eat in class because students with peanut or any other food allergy could possibly be at risk of a serious allergy reaction or attack. No student would want to accidentally kill someone else because he or she was eating a snack in class. Peanut allergies are one of the most known causes of food related deaths around the world. However, Dr. Christakis writes in the BMJ that only about 150 people die each year from all food allergies combined and only one percent of the U.S. population has a peanut allergy. Even though it’s not good to eat in class, there are situations where it is acceptable like for example, if a student is diabetic, and the student is having a hypo (which is when their sugar is too low), in this situation he or she has to eat or drink something with sugar or else he or she could lose unconscious. In addition, teachers who allow should tell the students if they have someone in the classroom with any food allergies so they can make sure that no one brings food that could harm or kill the student with the allergic reaction.

Also another reason why students should not eat during class is that it is very disruptive for everybody who wants to learn. If someone starts eating a bag of chips, it is going to make a lot of noise and it is going to distract the students who actually want to listen to the teacher and learn. It is also going to distract you because you are not paying attention because you are focused on what you are eating.

However, some people would argue that students...
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