Should smoking in Public Places be banned?

Topics: Smoking, Public library, Health Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: September 3, 2014
Subject: Should smoking in Public Places be banned?
Social interaction is one of the most important aspect of human living and it makes us to care about each other in all of our social activities. Since smoking in public places may bother other people, we should be more careful with that. Moreover smoking injures human health and side effects of smoking related illnesses cost governments a lot. I certainly welcome the idea of banning smoking in public places. First of all, smoking in public is not only harmful to smokers. The second hand smokes produced by smokers may cause some major problem for others. Some people may also suffer from respiratory diseases, so passive smoking is really dangerous for them. Since all people including smokers and non-smokers, adults and children are allowed to take part in a public place, so to respect for others and protect the health of our surrounding people, we should stop smoking in enclosed public places. Besides this rule may be useful in encouraging smokers to give up. With the help of this rule a number of opportunities for smokers to smoke will be decreased. Furthermore smokers are similar to chain seed. When one smoker start smoking, other smokers will entice and participate into this chain. This may also affect nonsmoker and change their smoking behavior too. As we all are living in the same ground and we are breathing the same air, we are responsible for each other and none of us has the right to get others into trouble. Furthermore to help smokers to get rid smoking and get back to living healthily, I am in a strong consent with banning smoking in enclosed public places.
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