Should Size 0 Models Be Allowed on the Catwalk?

Topics: Body mass index, Milan, Clothing Pages: 3 (1086 words) Published: June 13, 2013
Dannielle Robertson
Should size 0 models be involved in the media?

In the world that we live in, it is more likely to see a size zero model prancing about your television screen than a woman with healthy weight and size. Nowadays however, the pressure is on for young women to be as skinny as they can be, which borders on the skeletal. Although some believe this is beautiful, the ‘ideal’ body, it is a massive health risk and an unrealistic ideal to aspire to. For whose benefit is the media perpetuating this image and how damaging is this to our young people? Research has shown that twenty six per cent of teenagers often don’t eat breakfast, that twenty two per cent skip lunch and that ten per cent regularly go without either. Young girls, even young boys, are very impressionable and unfortunately they try to follow the trends which can slowly kill them. If someone saw a starving animal, you would call the RSPCA, so why is society allowing young girls to slowly starve themselves to death? We can all relate to being a teenager and how it is truly awful not to feel comfortable in your own skin, but do such drastic measures have to be taken? Most people only see the physical changes to someone who is size zero, or trying to be. The health risks and dangers to a size zero are the same as someone who is suffering from anorexia. The effects on a young person’s health are detrimental and usually involve weakening of bones, lower energy and concentration levels, bad breath, skins more prone to breakouts, hair and nails becoming brittle, and the weakening of muscles. It doesn’t look too good to have bones sticking out of your body either and in no way can that be defined as beauty. Dicing with the possibility of death is a pretty big health risk. Size zero became front page news when Luisel Ramos, an up and coming model who gained her big break but was told she needed to slim down in order to walk the catwalk, collapsed on the runway during Uruguany’s Fashion Week....
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