Should Selfie Sticks Be Banned From Public Venue

Topics: The arts, Art, Visitor Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: April 22, 2015
Should selfie sticks be banned from public venue? My answer is yes. There exist many reasons to put restrictions on the use of this extended photo taking pod. And I will give three reasons as well as some detailed elaboration on my thoughts. First concern, for sake of the safety of art pieces in museums. Museums or art galleries as a type of public venue should just prohibit the use of the selfie stick because there’s a great chance that this long stick reaching out to the ceiling will poke or scratch the paintings and arts in exhibit. When the incident happen, there’s no way to tell if the person did it on purpose or just accidentally thus making it hard to determine who’s going to be held responsible for the damage of the art. When there’s a risk in compromising the well being of the arts and the difficulty in the judging of some incidents , precautionary measures such as banning the use of selfie stick should be taken ASAP. The second reason being the people factors, both the safety and the vision of people in the spot. Since it’s likely that the selfie sticks can be used as an offence weapon, and obviously ,from what has mentioned above, the safety of visitors should be equally ,or more important than the safety of the arts. The selfie sticks should be banned from my poi. Thirdly, for the vision of the visitors. No one wants to see a staright rod crossing his/her vision when enjoying a piece of art. Everyone deserve a same chance in appreciation the art pieces without the disturbance of anyone or anything. That would be fair and equal for the all the visitors thus creating the best visiting experience. Another point to note is that people are there to enjoy the gorgeousness and feel the meaning behind the arts. Always taking photos using a long stick would disturb and distract the attention of the visitor himself and others. Just feel the masterpieces with eyes and heart and refrain from taking a lot of pictures would be a better choice when visiting the...
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