Should Rich Countries Help Poor Countries

Topics: Poverty, Human Development Index, Republic of China Pages: 3 (1074 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Should Rich Countries help Poor Countries

Since centuries, the world is divided into rich and poor countries, referred today as developed and developing countries respectively. However since a few decades, along with the acceleration of technological progress, developed countries are witnessing rapid economic development, thus growing wealthier, while the conditions of poor countries are worsening and they are depending heavily on debts which have attained unbearable proportions.

Consequently the gap between rich and poor countries has greatly widened with time. While rich nations are enjoying high standard of living, with safe environment, quality health services, good education, good social support and high employability, the poor nations have been cursed with eternal fight for survival and struggle against poverty, mal nutrition and lack of other basic necessities to even satisfy the physiological needs. A recent World Bank Study has revealed that the average income in twenty richest countries of the World is thirty-seven times that of twenty poorest ones. In the circumstances, whether richer developed nations should help and give support to developing and poorer nations has sparked a spirited debate. A new study of the United Nations has also reported that rich countries should help poor nations develop alternatives to fossil fuel as well as cutting their own emissions if the world is to tackle climate change and ensure that sustainable development is maintained. The wealthy nations would have to help and assist poorer nations develop low carbon technology and also pay poor countries to halt deforestation. Any environmental deterioration will affect the whole planet and even the rich countries will not be spared.

Some thinkers advocate that wealthy countries has a duty to help poor nations because every human being should be given same right of livelihood, all men having been created equal. Mr. Clinton, as described by Associated Press, pointed...
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