Should Religion Be Allowed in Schools?

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Religion is an organized Collection of beliefs and Superstitions, No Religion should be taught in schools or any academic grounds or places. Students inside the school should be concentrating inn their future careers. And there are many student that have different religion in schools. They have different variety of Religions. If Christianity will be taught in School then they should even start teaching other Religion like Buddhism , Muslims, and Catholic etc. That is there is church and Mosques etc so they will have a place to study their own religion with out offending other religions or beliefs. What will happen to this generation if we keep on teaching religion to other religion in school? This Essay will try to convince you that The Government should not allow Religion taught in Class or to Schools and Universities. Religion should not be taught because schools are funded by the people and the government. The government Build churches for there would be a place to study a certain religion. Teaching religion in school will help the students understand the differences among the principles of each and every religion. But the student will be confused in choosing his real religion on which side is he’ll choosing. First The type of Education is an example of educations that requires research and exploration. But it does not mean that we can teach them the religion. The school will teach them in how they can achieve their goals, to know their career find their right jobs First is How can We or the Teachers teach other Religion to that Religion. When it can be difficult for the teachers/Professors to teach them all in religion, Because some student may have a scripture or a study that can contradict on what they’ve been teaching. And Non of these religion can be proven right, The students will think that this religion is wrong according to their Study. Secondly there are a big difference between religion and the practices of people who adopts that certain religion....
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