: Should Race Be a Factor in College Admissions?

Topics: Civil disobedience, Martin Luther King, Jr., University Pages: 6 (1180 words) Published: November 28, 2012
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NAME: Ida Spearman
TOPIC: Should race be a factor in college admissions?
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform my audience on why race shouldn’t matter in college CENTRAL IDEA: For some, getting into college was their life’s dream. While for others, going to college could very well mean their lives.


I. Attention-Getter: Have you ever wonder what life would be like after childhood? II. Personal Credibility: Will I ever be able to get in to college? III. Central Idea: For some, getting into college was their life’s dream. While for others, going to college could very well mean their lives.

Transitional statement letting audience know your speech is beginning

Body (don’t forget to add signpost to connect your instructions)

I. In the 1900’s, going to college for some was only a dream, while for others it could very well cost them their dignity and/ or life.

A. In this period of American history segregation was the instrument by which decisions were made.

1. This was more prevalent in the south.

2. If restrooms were segregated, then how would you imagine colleges were?

3. Regardless to one’s ability, college was off limits.

B. Using African Americans as an example, in their attempt to gain admissions to all white institutions of higher learning, they were met with signs, “white only,” or dissuaded to apply.

A. At some points, they were chased off of the campus.

C. For most the only choice was to attend a Historic Black College/University (HCBU).

II. HBCU’s offered the opportunity of getting a college education for minorities.

A. These colleges were founded in the late 1800’s designed to provide a college education for African

B. Americans primarily who would not be afforded college admissions without them.

C. Slavery and share cropping was a remnant of this time frame, that existed primarily in the southern states.

D. Most HBCU’S concentrated there education toward mining and agriculture, seeing that mining and growing crops was a growing industry at this time.

A. Mining, cotton, and crop growth was important to the US economy needed for domestic development

B. Not everyone wanted training in mining and agriculture, therefore those colleges that offered other specialized training may have represented less that 1% of the HBCU’S which meant that space and access was so challenging that there were spots for very few applicants.

E. In the eyes of most African Americans the prospect of integrating all white colleges and getting

an education in fields other than mining and agriculture was acceptable.

A. As time progressed, federal laws were enacted to allow African Americans and other minorities to attend what was once considered white only colleges.

III. A century later, African Americans and other minorities attend colleges and universities all over the country.

A. This was due to the affirmative action suites that opened the door for all to attend.

A. These suites created quotas that insured that there would be more diversity at colleges and universities that we once white only.

B. To accomplish this task, colleges and universities would set aside a certain number of seats for incoming minority students.

B. Later it was thought that everyone stood to benefit for diversity, the exchange of ideas and philosophies for other cultures.

A. The same thought was embraced by colleges and universities.

B. “University officials said that the school’s affirmative action program was needed to build a student...
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