Should Putonghua Be Used To Teach Chinese?

Topics: Hong Kong, China, Chinese language Pages: 4 (905 words) Published: November 1, 2016

Should Putonghua Be Used to Teach Chinese?
The Chinese level of Hong Kong students is declining. The supporters said that using Putonghua as a medium to teach Chinese can greatly improve student’s Chinese proficiency. However, the opponents claimed that using Putonghua to teach Chinese will hinder student’s learning effect instead of improving their Chinese level. Putonghua should not be used to teach Chinese because it creates difficulties to local students in learning. Obstacles exists in teachers teaching and creates pressure on both teachers and students. Also, it is a kind of political methods to reduce the use of Cantonese.

Using Putonghua to teach Chinese reduce the effectiveness of learning of the local students. In Hong Kong, most...

Teachers in Hong Kong are not proficient in Putonghua as they are local people, whose mother tongue is Cantonese. This creates troubles to the teachers in explaining some complex question due to their language skills and abilities of Putonghua is not good enough. Teaching classical Chinese and poetry, using Cantonese become a better option as it helps students understand the beauty of the language (Standnews, 2016). If Cantonese is replaced by Putonghua, teachers cannot explain the beauty of the language well. Also, there are not enough supports and resources for Putonghua teaching to the teachers, thus teachers need to find the resources by themselves. Extra workload and pressure are added on...

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